While I personally love summers in Houston (pool days and lots of A/C), one thing about it is terrible: the television. Luckily fall television is about to commence and we have the lowdown on returning faves and some new shows to look out for. 

The groundbreaking dramedy returns for it’s fourth season. Has our Pfefferman clan learned to get along or are they just as caustic as ever? The previews suggest the latter. 
Premieres September 22 on Amazon

Star Trek: Discovery
Calling all Trekkies! The newest version of the sci-fi staple launches this fall. Boasting a new modern crew, including a gay character and a female captain (‘BOUT TIME!), hopefully this version will live long and prosper instead of crashing. 
Premieres September 24 on CBS

This Is Us
The NBC drama is coming back to make you cry again. I mean, like every episode. Puddles. Get caught up with the Pearson clan but just be sure to have tissues within reach. 
Premieres September 26 on NBC

It’s Cookie Time! Everyone’s favorite TV momma returns and is bringing a broom with her!
Premieres September 27 on Fox

Will & Grace
Honey, the comedy that changed the LGBT television landscape returns after a decade-long hiatus. We just hope the show will answer burning questions like: Did Will find love? Did Jack make it big? What fashion faux pas did Grace make? And, how gin soaked is Karen?
Premieres September 28 on NBC

How To Get Away With Murder
The (sometimes confusing) mystery drama returns on September 28. As does one of television’s most adorable gay couples. 
Premieres September 28 on ABC

Scandal returns for it’s final season this fall. So grab the merlot and envy all the gorgeous capes Olivia Pope will wear one last time. 
Premieres October 5 on ABC

Based on the beloved Archie comics, this Twin Peaks-esque teen drama features plot lines you would never find in the squeaky clean comics. From murder to personality disorders, this dark show has more to offer than just hot leading men. Although, it does have that too. 
Premieres October 11 on The CW

The nighttime soap that dominated the 80s is back with a modern spin on the same tale. We just hope for more catfights and less shoulder pads this time. Oh and someone has to push someone else in a pond. That was classic TV. 
Premieres October 11 on The CW

Stranger Things
The breakout Netflix hit returns just in time for Halloween. That’s all we have to say about this show because if you haven’t seen it, you must live in the upside down. #JusticeForBarb
Premieres October 27 on Netflix

Search Party
The TBS sleeper hit comes back for it’s second season this fall. If you haven’t discovered this quirky comedy, the entire first season can be binge watched on On Demand. 
Premieres November 19 on TBS