Wedding Planner: Pros and Cons

To planner or not to planner. That is the question. And it's an important one. To some, it may seem like an unnecessary luxury. For others, it may be the ultimate necessity. When it comes to gay weddings, having a planner might be particularly helpful. Navigating flowers, attendants, attire, and so on can present challenges unique to same-sex affairs. 

If you are on the fence about whether or not you want or need a planner, here are a number of things to consider.


This might be a deal-breaker from the get-go. If it’s just not in the budget, it’s just not in the budget. But before you make that decision, take the time to talk to several planners about the services they offer and whether you might be able to take advantage of their offerings in an a la carte manner as opposed to whole hog. Revisionist Events, for example, offers full planning, partial planning (with 4 different levels), day-of planning, and style and design options, meaning they can do it all, design but not execute, or do anything in between.


If you and your partner work full-time and don’t plan to take off much time from work, a planner could save the day – and your sanity. Sure, planners cost money. But your time is worth money too. So consider how much time is required to both plan and execute your wedding and then add at least 25% more time! Be realistic. And be honest with yourself and your partner about how much you can handle not just physically but mentally as well. If choosing napkin colors and buying sharpies for signing your wedding portrait is going to put you over the edge, find someone who can help.


Depending on how you and your partner handle making decisions and navigating compromises, hiring a planner just keep you both from losing your cool. There are so many decisions to be made when planning a wedding – time of day, venue, colors, food, cake, music, flowers, and on and on. A planner can narrow down choices and keep you from taking a risk that you’ll later regret or playing it too safe and wishing you had gone ahead and hired that ABBA cover band. A planner can also be a great mediator and/or tiebreaker when you and your partner can’t quite agree. Remember, planning a wedding should be fun!


If you are planning a simple event with friends and family pitching in to bake the cake, arrange the flowers, or tend the bar or you have a picnic theme in mind with simple food and drink offerings and a gorgeous outdoor setting with little need for flowers or décor, a planner may be unnecessary. But if you are planning a black tie affair with valet and coat check, hand passed apps, a full bar, sit-down dinner, a bevy of desserts and flowers and decorations and on and on, then a planner just may save the day. If you have something in between in mind, it’s your call, of course. Just keep in mind that you want to enjoy your wedding and the months and weeks prior!


If you decide you do want to hire a planner, the key is to get one that understands your vision. Don’t hire someone who thinks your budget is too low or too high or someone whose design sensibility isn’t on the same wavelength as yours. You want a planner who will help break ties and who will make suggestions. But you don’t want someone to talk you into things that don’t suit your budget or taste. And you certainly don’t want someone who makes you feel bad about what you do and do not want. A wedding planner should be all about supporting you in creating your perfect day – whatever that might mean to you and your partner.

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By Jenny Block