7 Considerations for Your Gay Dream Wedding

He’s been planning ice cream socials and backyard blowouts since he was a kid. Anyone who knows him would describe the Houston native as an idea generator, creative dreamer, extreme multi-tasker, and true artistic spirit. His name is Chad Cornwall and it was his love of both floral and event design that gave way to a whole new passion – weddings.

Now one-half of Revisionist Events, Chad’s first baby was Flower Power Productions, helping happy couples since 2012. His designs have been featured in Weddings in Houston, Modern Luxury Brides, Love Wins Texas Weddings, Style Me Pretty and many others.

Mid-century design, complex color palettes, vintage glassware, and flowers fresh from the garden are the keys to Chad’s heart. Those and his daily dose of coffee, chocolate, and tacky reality television.

We tapped Chad for his thoughts on the top seven things to ponder when planning your dream wedding.

Break the Rules

Most same-sex couples find it challenging to understand how to adapt wedding traditions to their unique needs. It's important to remember that there is no specific set of rules we must follow or traditional norms that we should adhere to. Our community is essentially making this up as we go. We are setting trends and creating new traditions with every passing year. Don't be afraid to infuse your personality as a couple into every aspect of your wedding. Make the experience as uniquely you as possible.

Hiring Squad

The topic of selecting wedding vendors can be extremely overwhelming for many LGBT couples. We've all heard the horror stories of caterers and florists backing out of their contracts or walking away on the wedding day.  The last thing anyone wants to experience on their wedding day is a photographer rolling their eyes or a venue staff member mumbling hate speech under their breath.

The easiest way to avoid these types of situations is to work with a local event planning company like Revisionist Events that can confidently refer you to their list of LGBT friendly preferred vendors. Houston has a growing list of inclusive wedding professionals waiting with open arms, you just have to know where to find them.

If hiring a wedding planner is outside of your budget, take advantage of online resources, go to a gay wedding expo (yes they exist), call upon direct referrals or pick up a copy of local print magazines like Love Wins Texas Weddings.

Dressing Room Dilemma

Don't cut corners when choosing the attire for the most important day of your life. If the tailored suit is the look you’re going for, avoid renting at all costs. Find an ensemble you love and source someone local for custom alterations. Houston is home to an endless supply of fabulous boutiques ready to roll out the red carpet for lesbian fashionistas. For the renegade brides looking for something different, we highly recommend local design powerhouse, Natalie Harris of Damsel White Label

They Last a Lifetime

Your wedding day photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make. The intimate hours they will shadow you as a couple will require a previously established level of comfort and trust. It is essential to hire photographers and videographers who are versed and familiar with working alongside gay and lesbian couples. You don't want a wedding photographer to show up on the big day and ask, "So who's the groom?" They need to understand that traditional gender roles don't apply, and the flow of natural posing for same-sex couples is a completely different ball game.  M & M Photography, Dana Fernandez Photography, Mustard Seed Photography, Steve Lee Photography, and Ron Dillon Photography are all great examples of Houston artists who get it!

Flower Girl

Your wedding, your choice. The floral possibilities are endless for two brides. Whether you opt for two traditional bouquets, two pin-on corsages or a combination of both, the important thing is to choose blooms that honor a cohesive look between both women. After all, this is a day when two become one.  Our personal favorite? The rising trend of the over the shoulder statement corsage. Check out Flower Power Productions, Maxit Flower Design, Flower Vibes, and Bramble and Bee.

Set the Scene

One of the biggest trends in LGBT weddings is the decision to go non-traditional when selecting the venue for the big day. Let's face it, most lesbian couples don't want to wed in a princess-inspired ballroom. Houston has some of the most badass out of the box wedding venues to choose from! Art galleries, museums, warehouses, lush gardens, sleek lounges, and bars… The possibilities are endless. Think Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Avant Garden, Nouveau Antique Art Bar, Gardens of River Oaks, The Astorian or The Grove (just to name a few).

First Impressions

Struggling to write the perfect invitation? Many LGBT couples find it disorienting to decide the final wording that will appear on the guest invites. The trick is to keep it easy and minimize confusion. Feel free to get creative, but remember to keep it as straightforward as possible. There are plenty of local stationary shops waiting to geek out with you over the perfect final selection.  (Our favorites include Invitation Solutions and Katie & Co). 

By Jenny Block