8 Top Houston Bakeries

It’s almost an impossible list to make. So we won’t call this a complete guide because when it comes to bakeries, you’ll get as many suggestions as there are residents of this town. Whether you’re looking for classic sweets or clever treats, Houston bakeries have it. Here’s a taste, just to whet your appetite, for all things yummy in H-Town from cookies to cakes and pies to cake truffles. Oh, and macarons and brownies and pot de cremes and… you get the idea.

Fluff Bake Bar

Those in the know call her The Sugar Fairy. And it’s no wonder since Rebecca Masson is the force behind the sumptuous creations of Fluff Bakery, including the infamous Unicorn Bait cookies. Fluff offers the perfect combo of French patisserie treats meets the goodies of childhood past. Be warned. Some say Masson’s goodies are of the highly addictive variety.

Three Brothers Bakery – Memorial

Three Brothers Bakery is truly a family affair, with Sigmund, his twin brother, Sol, and younger brother Max opening the shop on May 8th, 1949 on Houston’s Holman Street. The boys come by the bakery business honestly, with the twins working at Morris Jucker’s Bakery (which opened between 1825 and 1841) in Chrzanow, Poland. The bakers and creations of Three Brothers Bakery have even captured national media attention, including Food Network’s Outrageous Food and Challenge – Extreme Pirate Cakes. Now you can find nearly every variety of delicious baked goods from cookies to wedding cakes at this beloved H-Town establishment.

Dolce Delights by Candace Chang

It was fashion merchandising degree that Candace Chang earned at Baylor. But it was all things sweet that led her to open the bakery of her dreams. Her modern confections are as beautiful and tasty as they are healthy, as Chang offers low-calorie one serving portions. Although even Chang herself won’t stop you from indulging in more than one. Classically trained in Hong Kong, Chang has a wealth of baking experience that H-town residents will tell you serves her – and them – very well.

Macaron by Patisse

Whether you are a longtime lover of the beloved French delight known as the macaron or you are looking to join the bevy of fans, Macaron by Patisse will not disappoint. You can pop in for just one – although it just may be the hardest culinary challenge you’ve ever faced – or you can have Macaron by Patisse cater your next sweet affair. The only problem you are sure to face is which flavor to indulge in today.


Sweet is what happens when two friends who can’t get enough of all things sugary, teach themselves about how to craft all variety of confections and start magic in a tiny kitchen. Before long, you end up with a small shop imagined by artists and occupied by anyone seeking an urban refuge where you can’t go wrong no matter what you choose to eat. They source locally and they treat the Earth as gently as possible with all things sustainable. You’ll find cakes, cupcakes, cookies, seasonal cookies, pot de crème, and cake truffles that will make you wish you had found Sweet a whole lot sooner.

Crave Cupcakes Uptown Park

The magic starts first thing in the morning with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, European chocolates, seasonal fruits from Napa Valley, and dairy from Texas farms. What you won’t find are preservatives or hydrogenated oils, which is why you’ll see the staff baking all day long to be sure what makes it to your mouth is as fresh as can be. Every day brings a new menu of cupcake flavors for both full size and mini cupcakes. You can find the menus online so you can catch your favorite, which you are sure to have… if you can ever decide.

Mighty Sweet Mini Pies

Take one mother, one daughter, and one tiny kitchen and you’ll come up with something Mighty Sweet in Houston. Mighty Sweet Mini Pies offers a twist on the handheld bakery treat craze with personal-size pies, which, you may already know, are not that easy to come by. No need to buy a full-size pie when all you want is a slice. No need to argue over which flavor your love or your BFF or your family wants. Everyone gets to choose and indulge in their very own pie. Mighty Sweet Mini Pies is a family legacy and this mother and daughter pair are making grandma proud.

Common Bond

Both a café and a bakery, Common Bond makes it easy to want to sit and stay for awhile. But even if you stayed all day, you couldn’t possibly indulge in the plethora of treats, both savory and sweet, that they offer. Common Bond sources as many local ingredients as possible, which means a fresh, delicious, and constantly changing menu. And be sure to leave a little room in your car, because those in the bakery know say it’s very hard to leave Common Bond without a few goodies in tow for later.

By Jenny Block