Catering Tips for Your Gay Wedding in Houston 

Food is queen when it comes to weddings. Whether it's a locally sourced brunch or a fancy filet and whether you opt for formal or causal, there are many decisions to make.

Whatever kind of food you choose, you still have to decide how to serve it. This pro and con run down will help you weigh your options when it comes to just how you want your day of celebration to unfold. And with all of the venues Houston offers, including outdoor and indoor, restaurants, hotels, parks, museums, and event locales – there's a place, and a menu, in the Bayou City for your big day.

Traditional sit down

Pros: There's something lovely about this tried and true method. Seating charts are made. Course after course is served. You and your betrothed visit with friends and family, going table to table thanking people for joining you on this blissful day and reveling in their well wishes.

Cons: Seating charts make for a lot less mingling for guests and a lot more footwork for you and your new spouse. Plus, depending on how many people attend your wedding, it can be tough to get delicious, hot food to every guest at nearly the same time. Rubber chicken is a common worry for a good reason.


Pros: Lots of choices. No need for servers. And people can choose their own portions. Buffets offer bounty and variety, which means more people happy more of the time. It also gives you the option to do assigned or unassigned seating. So people – including you and your new spouse – can mix and mingle to your heart’s delight.

Cons: Buffets. You know what I mean. The food gets cold or runs out. The piles can be unappealing. And there's the waiting for your table to be called to go to the buffet. The last table might not even get called before the first table is already hitting the dance floor.


Pros: Stations mean fresh food waiting when each guest is ready. It also means variety. You can even have a number of restaurants or caterers or chefs.  You can have apps at two stations, mains at two, and desserts at two. Or any permutation thereof. It also makes for lots of mixing and mingling at the stations and even at the tables if you decide to go the unassigned seat route.

Cons: Lines. Guests can end up in long ones. Hot, fresh food takes time. A skilled station handler can minimize this issue. But you can't help it if one or two of the stations becomes a particular favorite of those in attendance. There's also the possibility of having either too much or too little of one thing or another. It can be tough to gauge what dish will garner the attention of the crowd.

Passed bites

Pros: This can be the best option for high level mixing and mingling with lots of offerings at every turn. Guests can graze at will. You can still offer seating – assigned or unassigned – or you can do chairs and low tables or high boys with stools or without. This is a great option for weddings that are not at standard meal times.

Cons: If you don't have enough servers or the food doesn't come out fast enough or people are in “dead spots” in the room or people are far  hungrier than the time of day might imply. And if not enough seating and/or tables - or not enough of the right kind of seating and/or tables (that is, the kind he majority of your guests seem to prefer that day), this method could be a total bust.

DIY Tables

Pros: This can be a really fun idea for guests and the celebrating couple alike. Create your own tacos. Craft your own Bloody Mary. Dress your own crepes or waffles. Engineer your own gourmet salad or sandwich. Make some magic with Vietnamese soup fixings. Build your own perfect potato presentation. People can connect and create and share delicious ideas.

Cons: Let’s face it. Some people don't want to play with their food – even in a good way. Stations must be kept super tidy and super stocked. DIY does not mean unattended. This method can also bring up the seating and table quandaries that some of the others present as well.

It's important to note that the venue you choose may dictate certain catering choices. So be sure to check with the venue before you book so you can be sure you'll be able to have just the kind of wedding you've been dreaming of.