She was born in Michigan. I was born in Massachusetts. She grew up Michigan. I grew up in Maryland. She's lived in Houston for 28 years following some time in Florida. I’ve lived in Dallas for twelve years after having lived in Richmond, Virginia. She proposed to me on Mackinac Island in Michigan at The Grand Hotel.

So, with all those places in our collective history, where do we get married?

Somehow it’s been the one decision that’s required no discussion at all.

We’re getting married in Houston, Texas. Why? Oh, let me count the ways.

We wanted a place that would give us lots of options location wise from the super chic to the super kitschy to the super simple. And Houston has it with a seemingly never-ending list of hotels, event venues, bars, restaurants, museums, you name it.

Having a place that would be easy to travel to and fun to hang out in was also really important to us. We have lots of out-of-ton guests – lots – and we wanted them to be able to get to the wedding city without issue. We also wanted them to have fun while they’re in town. So Houston was a no-brainer.

Two great airports, lots of kick ass hotels for us to choose from and way more to see and do than they could ever do during any downtime over the wedding weekend. The street art, the museums, the food, the theater. Please. I challenge you to be bored in H-Town.

As for wedding vendors and services, Houston’s got that all tied up. Planners, coordinators, designers, florists, bakers, dress shops, tailors, clothiers. If you can’t find it in Houston, you are simply not looking hard enough.

And the weather? Sure, it’s hella hot in the summer. But our falls and springs are divine. Even our winters are pretty darn mild. You can get married in Houston eight to nine months out of the year without having to give the weather a thought. And the other three or four months are just fine too if you plan carefully.

We also wanted to get married somewhere where we could have a funday the next day with family and friends. That, of course, is no issue in Houston. The hardest part is going to be deciding what to do and where to eat. And we definitely want to be able to make a quick getaway when it comes time to head off on our honeymoon. From Houston we can fly anywhere, even to the far flung places I haven’t even mentioned to my fiancé yet…

Where you decide to get married is a big decision. What made Houston such an easy pick was the options upon options upon options. Want a beach wedding? Use Houston as your home base and make the short drive to Galveston for the wedding. Want to have a full on, old school Western wedding? Make Houston your home base and hop over to Pasadena to the Silver Sycamore. Want a country wedding? Make Houston your home base and drive just 60 – 90 minutes outside the city where you’ll find more ranches than you can, well, shake a stick at.

Today, we call Lake Livingston in Texas our home. But Houston is our city. And we can’t imagine getting hitched anywhere else!