How can you not love Wanda Sykes?

The lesbian stand-up comic has had a laundry list of cable specials, appeared regularly in several sitcoms, played parts in blockbuster movies and even entertained the president. And when she came out as a lesbian just a few years ago, the barbs only got better.

Sykes is appearing live at Bayou Music Center May 12 and to get Houston excited OutSmart magazine interviewed her in their April issue.

The article discusses Sykes happenstance rise to fame (it helps when you're willing to insult a sports commentator to his face at a cocktail party) and delves into her thoughts on everything from parenting to politics.

Sykes' biting wit is evident throughout the piece. Asked how she and her wife are coping with being parents to their three-year-old twins, Sykes responded: "Um, I'm sure I'm prayin' a lot more now. You know, basically, Just guide us. Just help me keep 'em alive. Just help me keep 'em alive."

Read the full interview here. For tickets and more information on Sykes tour, click here