Mother Nature can be one unruly diva. She doesn’t care about your vacation plans. So in the age of “Netflix and Chill,” it is great to always have a backup plan for spending the day relaxing in bed or too hungover to go out and enjoy the city. Either way, here are some shows that are worth looking into.

Please Like Me

Now streaming the first two seasons on Hulu, this quirky dramedy follows the coming out story of Josh Thomas, an Australian writer. It is funny, sweet and has a lot of heart. Also, the pre-coming out episode of his boyfriend Arnold, singing Sia’s “Chandelier” is too emotional that even the hardest of hearts will melt.

Summer Heights High

Speaking of Australian shows, this one is also a gem. It follows three different people at a high school: A stuck-up rich girl named Ja’mie (who is so random), an under-achiever named Jonah, and Mr. G, the flamboyant theater teacher.  Their stories never collide, because all are played by Chris Lilley, but each will make you question what the hell is going on down under? And by that we don’t mean what somebody may have given you after last call.

Grace and Frankie

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin headline this Netflix comedy about two women who are forced to live together because their husbands end up falling in love. And can we all agree, we would kill for Jane Fonda’s body. Plus, why wouldn’t you watch a show with lines like, “if anyone is going to sit on Ryan Gosling’s face, it’s me!”

Orange Is The New Black

This Netflix show has gotten rave reviews and has just recently been renewed for three more seasons. The prison comedy has enough comedy, drama and lesbians sex scenes, even Anne Heche would switch teams again.

The Outs

This web series has gotten critical praise and has just announced a second season. It follows the relationship of two New Yorkers and learning to maintain a friendship after breaking up.

Happy Endings

This cult classic was recently added to Hulu sparking rumors that Hulu may revive it, which would just be ah-mah-zing.  And the scene debating each other’s gay subcultures can be overheard at every Houston brunch.

So yes, if you find yourself in Houston with bad weather, don’t fret, just stay in and binge.  Hey, maybe even see if that guy you met at the gym is interested in joining.