Juicy turkey, warm pumpkin pie and a piping hot casserole dish loaded with sweet potatoes with those tiny marshmallows on top. Thanksgiving dinner is always something to give thanks for, but it’s not the only thing. Houstonians have been through a lot in 2017. From record highs to devastating lows, this year has been a rollercoaster of emotions. As you gather around the table this Thursday, here are a few things 2017 gave us to be thankful for. 

World Series
The Houston Astros made history this year by winning their first World Series championship. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, this was a huge boost to Houston morale. The historic win also gave us our new celeb crushes: Jose Altuve and George Springer. 

Restaurant Scene
Houston has always been a foodie city and this year gave us multiple restaurant openings to be thankful for. From hotspots like Bryan Caswell’s Oxbow 7 to Hugo Ortega’s Xochi that opened early in the year, like a fine wine, Houston’s restaurant scene just keeps getting better. 

She exists, ‘nuff said. 

Craft Breweries 
Houston is home to more than 10 craft breweries and is hailed as The Craft Beer Capital of Texas. Houston’s brews are taking the state, and country, by storm with local breweries like Karbach, Eureka Heights and Saint Arnold’s taking home awards in national competitions. That’s a good reason to crack open a cold one while watching the game this Thanksgiving.   

Houston Spirit
The city of Houston continues to set an example for the rest of the country for how a big city should be. Often referred to as, “The Biggest Little City,” Houston’s sense of community is unmatched.

When Hurricane Harvey made landfall in late August, much of the greater Houston area sustained unprecedented flooding and wind damage, with many residents losing their homes and valued possessions. Subsequently, residents banded together and immediately jumped into action to help their fellow Houstonians in any way possible.  
The Houston spirit of selflessness and courage was thrust into the spotlight and shined in a plethora of ways. That’s why for this Thanksgiving we should all be proud and thankful to be a Houstonian.