It’s that time year again. Pride month is here and it’s time to celebrate and let your rainbow flag fly high. And what better way to get in the mood for all the month’s festivities than revisiting some old (and new) gay anthems. The soundtrack on the LGBT community runs the gamut from power ballad to dance club bangers and everything in between. So put on your dancing shoes and crank up the volume because this colorful playlist will get you hyped for 2017 pride!

Covergirl (You Better Work) — RuPaul
RuPaul’s biggest hit and only song to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 makes everyone feel like sashaying down the street. Just in the words of RuPaul, “Don’t f**k it up!”

Born This Way — Lady Gaga
Almost any song by Mother Monster could be included on this, but her LGBT anthem of self acceptance had become a Pride staple. 

I Will Survive — Gloria Gaynor
This song’s staying power is a testament to the empowerment it makes the LGBT community feel when looking back on the past and ongoing fight for equal rights. 

Proud — Heather Small
This uplifting British hit was prominently featured on Queer As Folk and was once named the theme of her program by Oprah Winfrey. If Oprah approves it, that should be all that matters. 

I’m Coming Out — Diana Ross
The title says it all. 

Beautiful — Christina Aguilera
Xtina’s ballad and moving music video featuring a gay couple and a transgender person solidified this song in the Gay Anthem Hall of Fame. 

Let’s Have a Kiki — The Scissor Sisters
The Scissor Sisters’ campy track is always playing at every gay house party and with it’s quotable lyrics and instructional dance move lyrics, it is no surprise why. 

Wig in a Box — Hedwig and the Angry Inch
The Tony Award winning musical about a transgender performer features some of the best rock music to ever grace a Broadway stage. 

Vogue — Madonna
Madonna’s ode to the queer vogueing culture in New York is the safest bet to add to any playlist if you only add one Madonna song. However, why would you only want one?

It’s Raining Men — The Weather Girls
The camp classic celebrates the only type of rain we enjoy: men.  

Dancing Queen — ABBA
The most iconic song from the Swedish pop group features a chorus that gets all generations from the LGBT community singing as one. 

Firework — Katy Perry
Katy Perry’s anthem of being unique is the perfect dance song for any pride celebration. 

If I Could Turn Back Time — Cher
The gay icon’s track will make you want to put on a leotard and dance in front of sailors just like her in the music video. BTW, it was a tough call to either include this song or Believe, but both are perfect for pride. 

Over The Rainbow — Ariana Grande 
Ariana Grande beautifully covered this timeless song in her Manchester tribute concert and gave it a whole new meaning. 

Freedom! ’90 — George Michael
His supposed coming out song, Freedom! ’90 was George Michael’s way of breaking free of his Wham! image. And who could forget the music video with the industry’s hottest super models at the time. 

Finally — CeCe Peniston
The gleeful finale number from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, has become a classic in the gay community. 

Love Today — Mika
The queer Mika’s falsetto voice and funky vibes makes this song about love infectious… but in the good way. 

Stronger — Britney Spears
The solidarity of pride would make anyone feel stronger than yesterday.

Dancing On My Own — Robyn
Any person who hasn’t danced their frustrations out to this pop jam is a liar.