One of Houston’s greatest treasures, rapper Fat Tony, has recently furthered his online cult status with the Super Deluxe show Thrift Haul. Inspired by Fat Tony’s infamous vintage thrift aesthetic, Thrift Haul is a competitive fashion show where two contestants compete to see who can get the better outfit on a budget. The contestants and judges are often widely beloved LGBTQ darlings, like gay comedian and actor John Early, trans comedian Patti Harrison, gender fluid icon Freckle, and beloved queer Instagram idol and Youtuber, Miles Jai. Not only does Thrift Haul highlight how to ball on a budget, but it also produces genuinely inventive and hot looks that perfectly feature the current 90s revival trend all over Instagram and the club scene. Before the native Houstonian hit it big in Los Angeles, Fat Tony (who goes by Anthony Obi when he’s not on stage) cultivated his signature Astroworld Chic look in many of our local Montrose thrift shops and boutiques. Naturally, a neighborhood as quirky and colorful as Montrose has much to offer those looking to conduct their own Thrift Haul for the ultimate summer lewk.

Arguably the number one, quintessential stop according to the most discerning of all thrifters, is the River Oaks Goodwill location at 2030 Westheimer. This shop is adjacent to one of Houston’s wealthiest, most affluent neighborhoods, which ups the statistical likelihood of finding discount designer goods. Insiders whisper urban legends of stumbling upon Louboutin heels and Tom Ford suits. The best part about the 90s craze coming back in full swing is that clothing once deemed dated a few years ago is suddenly reinvigorated and ripe for the picking at resale giants like Goodwill. Cottage Thrift Shop on Westheimer is a crucial stop on the thrift beat. Operating since 1971, this Montrose thrift mainstay has a notable selection of women’s clothing, including designer items. At Cottage Thrift Shop, all revenue and donations benefit the non-profit organization, The Women's Home. By spending money at this shop, you are also supporting Houston’s women in need, so it’s a win-win.

Pavement Clothing at 1657 Westheimer is the site of former iconic resale shops, Taxi Taxi and Leopard Lounge, but they’ve taken this location to a whole new level. Their Instagram account looks like a queer hipster mag lookbook, with employees and customers alike vogueing in front of their brightly painted walls in killer looks. Specifically advertising for Pride Looks in the month of June, Pavement Clothing is the pulse of Houston’s hottest queer and nonbinary babes. With recurring deals like $1 flash sales, Pavement is like if Buffalo Exchange had a cooler younger sibling with purple hair and an even better record collection. Rumor has it that if you purchase an outfit or item from Pavement, take a photo of it, post it to Instagram, and tag them in it, they’ll send you a coupon for your next purchase. To see new life breathed into a Montrose thrift location that was such a pillar of the community shows that this neighborhood is still the finest place to have a Thrift Haul of your very own.