They say loose lips sink ships. Well, what makes lips looser than a little bit of alcohol?

At the past Rainbow on the Green, the liquor was flowing as well as a few words some wish could take back. I know I do. I mistook a Laura Branigan song as one by Taylor Dayne.

Well, my faux pas wasn’t the only ridiculous statement slurred. We compiled a list of some of the most ridiculous things overheard at Rainbow at the Green and here are some of them.

Drunk Girl: Gaymer? Oh, like gay and gamer! That is so cute! Here, take my photo.

- Gaymer Strip

Man About to Burst: This is the only place the men’s restroom line is longer than the women’s.

- Outside the men’s restroom

Man Looking At Kid Riding In The Car: (singing) Big Pimpin’!

- Near stage

Man: What did you do last night?

Man 2: Spent the night with that guy.

Man: Who?

Man 2: You know me, under six inches and I don’t remember.

- Lawn

 Man: More people care about that kid in his car than they do about Taylor Dayne.

- Near stage

Overly Excited Gay: Yay, we are now officially Eskimo brothers!

- Near Aspen Ski Week Booth

Gay Who Thought He Was Better Than Everyone For Being VIP: You have to stay outside the fence like a plebian.

- VIP Lounge

Overheated Woman: My tits are burning!

- Lawn

Disgusted Gay: You look like Bea Arthur and not in the good way.

- Entrance

Confused Man: Why does that guy in front of us have two beers in the air?

- Front of Taylor Dayne’s stage

Man: That is so cool. That guy is dressed like Pikachu.

Man 2: $20 says he goes home with an older power top.

- Gaymer Strip