Below is an excerpt from an article in this month's OutSmart magazine: 

Alec Mapa is everyone's favorite gay bestie. His no-nonsense, boundary-pushing comedy has kept American audiences rolling for nearly two decades. An award-winning one-man show I Remember Mapa chronicled the Filipino comic-actor's rough start in Los Angeles, and garnered rave reviews. That led to memorable television roles, from Suzuki St. Pierre on Ugly Betty to Vern on Desperate Housewives.

Now America's Gaysian Sweetheart is all grown up -- an acclaimed columnist and LGBT activist with a husband and a son. But Mapa's comedy remains raw and riotous. His new stand-up special will explore what it's like to be a gay dad-in a way that only he could do.

This month, Mapa is headed to Houston to perform one night only at OutReach United's 2013 Coming Out Party. The annual event raises money for Houston-area LGBT nonprofits such as Montrose Center and HATCH. We caught up with Mapa packing his bags.

You've been conspicuously absent from TV lately. What gives?
Alec Mapa: You're just not paying attention. I hosted an all-new reality show for AMC called Showville, which ran for eight episodes, and I was on the Tonight Show with Leno twice. If that's me being conspicuously absent, I'd need to pick better hiding places than AMC and NBC.

I know you're a father now. How is that experience? Do you enjoy being the out gay dad?
Being a dad is the best thing that's ever happened to me. The minute my son came into my life, it was like a ton of rainbow-colored oxygen was pumped into my world. It's hard work, and I occasionally get it wrong, but having a kid has made everything better. Also, it's impossible to be a closeted gay dad-your kids out you all the time.

How much fodder does family life give your comedy?
My new comedy special Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy was filmed this July and should be ready by November. It's all about how my husband and I became dads. It has a bit of everything: sex, poop-and-fart jokes, and heartwarming stories. You'll love it even if you hate kids.

If someone came to you tomorrow with the perfect gig-doing standup at this place or being on that show-what's that perfect gig for you right now?
Network sitcom. Third-banana role like Rosario on Will and Grace. Wisecracking maid/assistant/best friend /bellhop. I'd just love a gig with hours that allow me to make my kid breakfast and pick him up from school. I co-hosted The View twice, too-a steady gig like that'd be gravy.

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