Certain things happen every Fall without fail: leaves turn brown, Pumpkin Spice Lattes return, and a new season of Fall TV begins. Hopefully, you were able to catch up on all your faves over the summer because it’s time to recommit. 

This upcoming line-up includes a lot of newcomers that caught our eye, as well as returning faves we can’t wait to get sucked into again. 

One Mississippi (Sept. 9)
Out comedian Tig Notaro struggles with returning home, the loss of her mother, and her own battle with cancer, in this intriguing Amazon series. The writer, stand up comic, actress has been received numerous acclaim, especially for her HBO special, Boyish Girl Interrupted. 

Empire (Sept. 21)
Cookie is back! The season two finale left us with a shooting and a catfight on a balcony. What will happen and what will be Mariah Carey’s role on the show? 

Strut (Sept. 20)
This new reality series about a trans-centric modeling agency is our new guilty pleasure instead of America’s Next Top Model.

Scream Queens (Sept. 20)
Ryan Murphy’s campy horror comedy reunites us with our favorite clique The Chanels. With additions like Taylor Lautner, John Stamos and recently out and Instagram hottie Colton Haynes are definitely reasons to tune in. 

How To Get Away With Murder (Sept. 22)
Last time we saw one of our favorite TV couples, Oliver hid Connor’s acceptance letter from Stanford and then pretended to be him to officially reject the offer.  Why do we have a bad feeling that won’t end well.

Transparent (Sept. 23)
The groundbreaking show returns for its third season on Amazon on September 23. The theme of the Emmy-winning series is “come out of your shell,” which can only lead us to believe we will see the Pfefferman clan in a new way. 

SuperGirl (Oct. 10)
The DC universe is getting a little bigger. The second season will include openly gay cop Maggie Sawyer, lesbian caped crusader Batwoman and original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter. 

The Real O’Neals (Oct. 11)
Who can forget the drama that went on when star Noah Galvin went off on Colton Haynes, Bryan Singer and closeted actors in Hollywood. If this season is one hundredth as good as that, we are in for many laughs. 

Eyewitness (Oct. 16)
Based on an acclaimed Norwegian series, this drama starts with two teens meeting in the woods for a hookup that wind up witnessing a murder. Take about a Grindr date gone wrong. 

Nashville (Jan. 5, 2017)
Moving from ABC to CMT hopefully won’t change too much about this drama.  Another change is that Jen Richards will join the cast as the show’s first trans character.