The worst part about the holiday season can sometimes be the traveling. Most of us will have to board a plane, train or automobile in the coming weeks to visit family.  Here are some podcasts that will make your holiday travel, or just sitting in Houston traffic, fly by. 

Throwing Shade
This podcast from FemiNasty Erin Gibson and HomoSensual Bryan Safi offers a sassy look at everything from pop culture, gay rights, women’s issues and current events. Listening to this two gab is like being a fly on the wall as your two wittiest friends down unlimited mimosas at brunch. Look for their new show premiering in January on TV Land. 

The Read
If you embarrass easily by laughing aloud in public when you are by yourself, this is not the podcast for you. The duo Kid Fury and Crissle will have you LOL’ing the entire time as they read hip hop and pop culture stars. 

Feast of Fun
Feast of Fun is hosted by partners Fausto Fernós and Marc Felion featuring, roundtable discussions, news, odd things from the Internet, and much more. On average, the podcast is downloaded 30,000 times per week, making it the most downloaded GLBT podcast in the United States.

Making Oprah
I love Oprah. You love Oprah. Everybody loves Oprah. While not necessarily LGBT, this addicting podcast goes behind the scenes of the iconic show with producers, staffers and executives. Learn how this little show became the juggernaut we all remember it. 

What’s the Tee?
Squirrel friends RuPaul and Michelle Visage dish all the tea in their very own radio show. A must listen for any Drag Race super fan. 

Cocktails and Cream Puffs
This Buffalo, NY-based podcast as been nominated for many GLBT People’s Choice Awards and after listening, it is no surprise why. Part comedy, part pop culture, part news, this show is all gay and 100% addicting. 

Big Gay News
If you are looking for news on the go, this daily news podcast covering LGBT headlines from around the world is perfect. Each episode is only 5 minutes or less long and combs trusted news source for what is happening in the world each day.