Mind Your Business is a new section honoring LGBTQ-owned businesses in the Houston area. We aim to bring visibility to these wonderful businesses, owned by members of the community. 

Nothing is better than the smell of freshly baked cookies. The aroma can instantly transport you to memories of your childhood and get your mouth watering. While there is much debate on the perfect cookie (I vote Snickerdoodle) there seems to be one for everyone. In Houston, there is no better place to branch out your cookie knowledge than Michael’s Cookie Jar


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Created in 2006 in Tomball, this delicious bakery was created by Michael Savino. His love of cookies came from baking with his grandmother and he has been addicted ever since. Then after culinary school and working at The Four Seasons, he set out to make the finest all-butter cookies in town. 

With three Houston locations, it’s worth it to make the trip to the one closest to you. The variety of cookies can be overwhelming, but all are delicious. Their consistent cookies range from chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin, to ginger molasses and toffee pecan. They even offer “fancier” European-style tea cookies to enhance any cup of tea or hot chocolate. And of course, they make seasonal, expertly decorated shortbread cookies each week so you don’t have to wait until a holiday to enjoy a crisp cookie covered with mouth-water icing. 


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Buy as many as you want for yourself (no judgment) or for friends and family. What better way to say, “Happy Holidays,” than with freshly baked cookies that you didn’t have to make yourself? They are also able to do custom cookies for any event you want to add a sweet touch to. They even offer company cookies with logos and photos to make those company events a bit better. 

Take the time to visit your nearest Michael’s Cookie Jar because like they say, “It’s calories well spent!”