Sometimes trying to find the perfect movie on Netlix can feel like trying to pick a song to sing after a few too many shots while at karaoke: There are too many to choose from and they all seem like a good idea at the time. And if you are anything like me, you spend too much time trying to decide that you get frustrated and default to an old favorite like Friends, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or 30 Rock (all of which are streaming in full BTW).

So we took the time to comb through Netflix’s extensive library and found some LGBT movies perfect for any mood. So curl up and grab a bottle of wine (or two) and give these films a chance.  

A Single Man
Tom Ford’s visually stunning film follows the life of a depressed college professor (Colin Firth in an Oscar-nominated role) questioning the meaning of life after the death of his long time partner. While still keeping the melancholic tone of the pre-Stonewall era, the love story still maintains a tentative hope. 

Are you having Glee withdrawals? This cult comedy will draw up memories of those awkward middle school years. Watch at your own risk. 

This groundbreaking film focuses on two transgendered sex workers in Los Angeles. The entire film was even shot on an iPhone. Remember that next time you think filming your Snapchat makes you feel like Martin Scorsese.

This indie hit has resonated with viewers as to what a real-life story is like, unlike those unrealistic Nicholas Sparks movies. The romance between two men who meet in a bar follows them through the course of their, you guessed it, weekend. Kudos to them though, that 47 hours longer than most of my romances with men I meet in a bar. 

This season’s hottest accessory is the G.B.F. That’s Gay Best Friend, of course. This hilarious teen satire is up there with Mean Girls and Heathers in portraying the social hierarchy in almost all high schools. 

I Love You, Phillip Morris
I’m sure you never thought you see Ace Venture as a gay con artist who makes Joanne The Scammer look like an amateur. But Jim Carrey and Ewan Macgregor play lovers in the story so absurd, it has to be true.  

Tab Hunter: Confidential 
Get a deeper look into what it was like to be a closeted actor in the early days of Hollywood. This documentary focuses on the career of 1950’s heartthrob Tab Hunter with interviews from screen legends like Debbie Reynolds, Clint Eastwood and John Waters.