In June 2017 a new theatrical experience called Story Hole was showcased at Rec Room in downtown Houston. The show, which features LGBTQ storytellers, instantly resonated with sold out crowds. In a short amount of time the show has become a quarterly tradition. On April 5th, it will return for a third installment of hilarious and heartfelt stories from the LGBTQ community.
Each installment of Story Hole has a theme which all of the stories relate to. The April 5th theme is “Let’s Fight!”. Stories include tales of both literal and figurative fights that the storyteller has engaged in. This show will feature seven individuals from the local LGBTQ community. Some of them are seasoned performers and others are regular people with a great story.
Hoja Lopez has performed at all three past installments of the show and has become a fan favorite. She hosts her own popular podcast, Relations#!t, and is excited to return.

“Houston is such a large city, and while our pride and nightlife are poppin’ I definitely feel like we lack grassroots art and comedy events that are queer centric. There’s nothing in the world that feels quite like connection through art. It feels like others are reaching into you, to tell you that your experiences are shared and special. To feel a part of something through storytelling is healing and flat out fun," Lopez said.
Community leader Melanie Pang will be sharing a story for the first time. “I'm a little nervous about this story following me around professionally, but I try to bring all of me everywhere I go, so I will probably just own it if it ever comes back to bite me,” joked Pang.
This particular show will have a lot of firsts for the franchise. “Let’s Fight!” will also feature a story told en tandem by a couple, Crimson Jordan and Eric Schell. For Schell he's more concerned about Jordan stealing the show. “I'm presenting my piece with my partner. I'm not used to sharing the spotlight in a theatrical experience,” laughed Schell.
Story Hole will be performing two shows on April 5 back-to-back at 8 and 10 p.m. at Rec Room in downtown Houston. Tickets are limited and may still be purchased here or at