Trans-genre artist Mx. (a mixture of Mr. and Ms.) Justin Vivian Bond is bringing the popular solo show, Love is Crazy, to the Alley Theatre to kick off Lott Entertainment Presents' Joe’s Pub series in Houston. The Tony-nominated artist has reached national acclaim and consistently sells out shows in New York City. 

Love is Crazy is a show I wrote in Paris specifically for Valentines Day and was first performed there in front of the Eiffel Tower,” Bond says. 

Mx. Bond's cabaret-style show will include a mixture of folk, jazz and contemporary songs, as well as covers of famous numbers, with personal anecdotes intermixed. The performer draws from personal experiences, both the good and bad, to weave together an insightful show that portrays the many sides of love. 

“I have had many wildly romantic adventures in Paris and so I picked many songs I love about love and just starting spinning yarns on the many crazy things love will make you do,” Bond says. 

The artist will perform with a live band and while there is a set list and planned jokes, there's also plenty of opportunity to stray and make each show unique. 

“My philosophy is just show up, and once you’re there in the moment, you get going and you just live it,” Bond says. 

One thing Bond does guarantee is that the show will be both a treat for the eyes and ears. 

“I only hire pretty people,” the artist says. “But I make them all wear black so that I stand out as the only one in color.”

Bond is most known for the highly praised show KiKi and Herb which won many awards, garnered a Tony Award nomination and prompted a world tour. In addition, Bond has starred in films like John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus, Sunset Stories, and Imaginary Heroes

Love Is Crazy will be performed Oct. 20 and 21 at 8 p.m. at the Alley Theatre. For information, call 713-220-5700.