In early February, the Super Bowl will head to the Bayou City bringing fans from across the nation. If you are anything like me, the Super Bowl is exciting for a few reasons: food, day drinking, commercials, and the halftime act. Last year’s halftime act was the first time Beyonce told us to get in formation which ushered in the beginning of her Lemonade era which lead to the album of the year and an HBO special I still haven’t deleted from my DVR. 

This year, Lady Gaga will headline the show and if the ever-changing artist has shown us anything, it is to expect the unexpected. From dying onstage at the MTV VMAs to arriving at the Grammy’s in an egg to completely changing her sound with the unexpected album Joanna, we can all hope for a spectacle as she makes her freshman Super Bowl halftime performance. 

Houston itself is as ever changing and diverse as each Lady Gaga album. Therefore, we’ve created different itineraries catered to visitors based on which Lady Gaga album most describes what they are looking to get out of their visit. These will show where to shop, eat, visit and party when visiting for the Super Bowl weekend. 

the fame monster

The Fame/The Fame Monster
The two albums are combined for the trendy visitor who wants to “live the life of the rich and famous.” Houston is fast cementing itself as a city to watch and these places will show you why. 

Eat: Houston is known for it’s food and restaurants like Edison, Riel, Kitchen 713 and Eloise Nichols Grill & Liquors are hot spots to see and be seen. 
Shop: While The Galleria offers an endless array of shopping, local stores like Stag off Westheimer and The Class Room in Rice Village showcase upscale merchandise. 
Visit: Rain: Madgalena Fernández at the Houston Cistern, the inaugural art installation in the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern, is one of most popular attractions for Houstonians at the moment. 
Party: At the moment, you will find all the guys partying the night away at Rich’s. The club offers high-energy music and a hot, young crowd. 

born this way

Born This Way
This is for the visitor looking to take in some of the gay history in Houston. Montrose has been the reigning gay neighbor in Houston and there is plenty to see and do. 

Eat: 1308 Cantina, Baba Yega and Barnaby’s are classic staples for any local gay Houstonian. 
Shop: Reeves Antiques and Old Blue House Antique Shop are great places to find something with a little history. 
Visit: Jump on the light rail to head up to the Museum District. Also, show your pride by taking selfies at the rainbow photo spots located all around the area. 
Party: Ripcord, the oldest leather bar in Texas, and second oldest gay bar in state is located in the heart of Montrose. Looking for something a little younger? Try the Eagle that includes a shop downstairs and the newly opened upstairs. 


If you are coming to Houston to party hard at night and take in the culture in the daytime, Houston is the perfect place to do that. If you want your trip to embody the craziness of ARTPOP, follow this list to make sure you will need to nap on your way home. 

Eat: Bistro Menil is a casual dining hotspot right next to the The Menil Collection. But, if you need a hangover cure,  grab tacos from popular places like Tacos A Go Go, Torchy’s Tacos or Velvet Taco.
Shop: Launch, a pop-up shopping experience, will be open until the end of February and will feature local designers and brands. 
Visit: Visit some of the smaller museums and art galleries by going to spaces like The Menil Collection, the Rothko Chapel or the Silos at Sawyer Yards, one of the largest creative campuses in the nation with more than 250 working artists. 
Party: Dance the night away at Barbarella which blasts pulsing beats all night long. Or barhop in Market Square, which will surely draw large crowds on Super Bowl weekend. 


When in Texas, act like a Texan, right? Although, Houston is the fourth largest city, there is still a lot of country flare that the city has to offer. Much like the country tone of this album, Houston embraces the rural vibe while staying a major metropolis. 

Eat: Southern food is a staple in Houston. It can range from the low key barbecue at Killens Barbecue to more gourmet dishes at restaurants like Southern Goods, Underbelly and Ritual.  
Shop: The shopping on 19th street in the historic Houston Heights is the best place to grab antiques, clothing and one-of-a-kind items. 
Visit: Enjoy the outdoors at the newly renovated Buffalo Bayou or Discovery Green which is sure to have something for everyone. Or visit the historic Beer Can House which is exactly what it sounds like. And if you love beer, visit a Houston breweries like St. Arnold or 8th Wonder
Party: Put on your boots and go out like a true Texan. Bars like Neon Boots and George’s bring that cowboy feel.