Every now and then, the usual bar routine can get monotonous. Hanging out with friends while sipping some of Houston’s best cocktails is fun and all but why not add another level to your usual weekend night? Luckily, a lot of Houston bars and groups offer up gaming entertainment that can spice up your night or allow you to expand your social circle. Plus, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone, right? 

Nowadays, bingo is not just the game you once associated with your blue-haired grandma. The sleek bar Guava, offers up a steak and drag bingo every Tuesday night that puts new spunk in the classic game. And if Guava isn’t really your scene, the country western bar Neon Boots hosts their own steak and bingo night even Wednesday. 

But no Bingo night is more notorious than the games held at the SPJST Lodge 88 every Thursday night. This Heights-location bingo spot has become a fad for millennials and is known to get pretty rowdy. Be sure to get there early though because spots fill up fast. 

Hamburger Mary’s Charity Tuesday Night Games
The iconic burger chain hosts a charity game night every Tuesday benefitting a different charity. Drag queens Lady Shamu and Veronica Strutts put on a fun night with ten different games that include audience participation. Games range from “Junk in the Trunk,” in which guests must twerk balls out of a Kleenex box strapped to their waist, to the popular "Drag Daughters" routine in which four audience members are picked to get in quick drag and perform with the hosts. All money raised goes straight to the charity and if you would like to reserve a night email Lady Shamu

Pool Sharks
Sometimes you just wanna hit some balls with a big stick, am I right? Of course I mean playing the classic billiard game pool. There is nothing more fun than retreating from the crowded bar with friends and getting in a nice game. Luckily, a lot of Houston bars, like Guava, JRs, The Eagle, TCs, Ripcord offer up tables. 

Video Games
For those looking for a little virtual stimuli, the Houston Gaymers hold monthly get-togethers and other events that allow gaming enthusiasts to meet and play in a safe space. The group also has a Handhelds Connect event the first Monday of every month that encourages attendees to bring board games, cards and handheld devices.