Whether your Halloween includes a barely there costume or screaming your lungs out at a haunted house, sometimes there is nothing better than curling up on the couch for a little Netflix and chill. So, grab a pumpkin beer and pop in one of these gay Halloween movies. 

Hocus Pocus
The campy film isn’t just great for Rich’s Sing Along Sundays, but is perfect to watch curled on Halloween. Also, the Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker Kathy Najimy squad is one we’d all love to break into.  

Nightmare on Elm Street 2
The sequel to the 1984 classic’s homoerotic undertones have been discussed for years. Let’s just say, there is a scene where the main boy meets his PE coach at an S&M bar, which leads to the coach making him run laps at the gym, and the coach is then tortured in the showers by being tied up and whipped by towels. You be the judge. 

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
The feud between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford while filming this movie about the rivalry between two sisters is legendary. Rumor is Crawford put rocks in her dress so when Davis had to drag her, she weighed more. Talk about a hostile work environment.

Interview With a Vampire
Bisexual vampire Tom Cruise (in the movie *wink*) seduces Brad Pitt to spend eternity with him. They even play house with their vampire daughter Kirsten Dunst. What a cute family. 

Anthony Perkins is the original mama’s boy in Hitchcock’s famous thriller, in which he sometimes dresses in drag and murders motel guests. Just make sure you get the original and not the remake with Vince Vaughn. 

Billed as the first gay slasher movie it still does follow the same formula of any slasher movie: beautiful people getting killed by acting stupid. 

American Psycho
Watching Christian Bale workout in this thriller is like watching an extended Dolce and Gabbana ad. Sure, he is a murdering psychopath but it is hard to focus on that when he is chasing women in the nude.