The Conservatory
1010 Prairie 

The Conservatory was the first underground beer garden and food hall to open in 2016. Located next to Prohibition, it offers a unique, underground experience that isn’t your typical “tunnels take-out”. With a rotating roster of vendors you can eat a different, quality cuisine every day of the week. Then just when you think you’ve had it with the same old thing, they switch it up with new food. Many of the vendors were borne out of the food truck scene, so it still maintains that edgy coolness; just inside where it is literally cooler. If you’re thirsty you can enjoy one of the 60 craft beers on tap or a wine and cheese plate from Noble Rot Wine Bar.

Bravery Chef Hall
409 Travis (Opening Fall 2018)

Bravery claims to be the next generation of the food hall. An evolution, if you will. They promise to provide chef driven concepts with the structure and environment to experiment. Located at 409 Travis under the new luxury Aris Apartments, this concept will round out the block which is already home to El Big Bad and Frank’s Pizza. So grab some barbecue from Cherry Block Craft Butcher, pasta from BOH Pasta, or latin seafood from Nuna and hop across the street to Market Square Park and enjoy. 

Finn Hall
712 S. Main (Opening Fall 2018)

The heart of the heart of the city is undeniably at the intersection of Main and Rusk. This is the new home for Finn Hall in the iconic art deco, JPMorgan Chase building. The concept will be one of the largest, offering 10 independently operated eating establishments and two bars. Visitors from the new-ish JW Marriott and the under construction AC Hotel will have plenty of options just across the street. This concept will have a little something for everyone and give Houstonians that bustling city feel that can only be offered authentically in downtown.  

Lyric Market
411 SMITH (Opening Fall 2018)

The biggest and brightest (literally) of these four offerings is without a doubt Lyric Market. For visitors who come to the Theater District, they need only look up Smith St. to see the vibrant light show playing on the exterior walls of this concept, which is described as food hall-meets international market place. Although details are being worked out, programming will include weekday and weekend farmers markets, community events and butler service for takeaway. There also promises to be a glass-enclosed (read AC) private terrace with full-service bar and seating for up to 400.

800 CAPITOL ST. (Opening 2019)

The 35,000-square-foot project inside Capitol Tower's two-story atrium will house a full-service restaurant, seven chef-driven market concepts and a cocktail bar. The hall will connect to Houston's famous 7-mile underground tunnel system, with five points of access as well as street access via the "Great Steps", a 30-foot-wide staircase. The interior design plans are just as grand. Murals will don the walls, while white marble, natural wood and copper finishings complete the look.