Long before the era of viral “promposals” and legally recognized gay marriage, prom was a heavily heteronormative tradition catered to straight teens. Last year, gay advocacy org, GLAAD published their Accelerating Acceptance report that found 20% of millennials identify as LGBTQ, making them the queerest generation in history up to that point. A similar study by the J. Walter Thompson Innovation Group found that less than 50% of 13-20-year-olds identified as straight in 2016. While it’s doubtful that people are getting gayer, acceptance is certainly veering more into mainstream culture. Gen Z is coming out younger than ever before while the average millennial is less likely to have had an open and accepted LGBTQ adolescence. 

Enter the adult-catered queer prom.

An established and successful event in Austin since 2016, organizer Faye Fearless brings the First Annual Lez Prom to Houston, May 19th at Rockefeller’s on Washington. “So many of us never got the chance to have our dream prom experience either because they come from a conservative area, were not ‘out’ yet, or maybe didn't even know they were gay in high school (my story). It is for all of these folks that I host Lez Prom,” Fearless says. “This is a place to drink, dance, and be freely you. People attend in a wide variety of outfits from ball gowns, to tuxes, to matching tracksuits. At our prom, everyone comes as they are in their truest form of expression and receives nothing but affirmation and acceptance. It's beautiful."
A femme-focused event, Lez Prom is for womxn and non binary folks across the spectrum of gender and sexuality with a zero tolerance policy on bullying and hate. All bathrooms will be gender neutral and open to all attendees. Though the Lez Prom is branded as a lesbian event, guests don’t have to identify as women to attend. Singles need not avoid this event for lack of a date, too. Those going stag can expect a singles mingle section of tables reserved to meet potential dance partners and make new connections. 

Highlights and activities include a burlesque performance by Lola LeStrange of Austin’s renowned Jigglewatts Burlesque Revue, an aerial performance by Austin’s Zoja Ülesso, hundreds of dollars in giveaways, professionally spun dance floor by DJ Gemayel, and free professional prom portraits. The evening will culminate in an epic lip sync battle to crown the inaugural Lez Prom King, Queen, and Monarch, a distinguished distinction for those outside of the gender binary. 

As Houston could definitely do with more events for queer women and femmes, this year’s prom attendance will determine whether or not our city will get a round two. Interested parties won’t want to miss this opportunity to establish future functions in the community. Tickets are still available now through May 18th for both singles and couples, while the day of the event (May 19th) will only offer ticket options for singles. Party mastermind Faye Fearless assures Lez Prom to be the ultimate prom makeover for anyone who wants a do-over for their high school days. May 19th is your chance to have the prom of your queerest dreams!