Everyone loves hanging out with their best friend. Whether catching a few rays at the park or a few beers at the bar, it’s always good to be up on places that can accommodate comradery. And if your best friend happens to be covered in fur and walk on all fours then you want to make sure you’re in a welcoming atmosphere especially if you’re visiting Houston from elsewhere. Here are some great spots for doggie tourists and their owners. 

Houston is rife with restaurants that have been deemed safe and welcoming to pets by the City of Houston. This is important. We want to make sure our canine companions are welcome. From cheap eats to fancy food, you can dine with Fido in Houston.



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Some may be surprised to know that Hugo’s in the Montrose neighborhood has a dog-friendly patio. The award winning restaurant is known for its elevated atmosphere and amazing food. But even the fanciest among us have pups, so it’s great to know we have a place to go. 

Backstreet Cafe  is a Houston staple may also surprise locals with it’s dog-friendly patio. 

If you want a more simple dining experience that is also really good, any of the Barnaby’s locations are open to doggos. There are two in Montrose if you happen to be in the gayborhood. 

If you are dog obsessed then Good Dog hot dogs in the Heights or Upper Kirby offer a quick bite for pups and people. Make sure you’re covering the correct dog in relish though. All of these dogs get confusing.



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After all of these great meals you are going to need a place to take a cat-nap...or dog-nap, as it were. The Hotel Zaza is a great dog friendly place in between the Texas Medical Center and Montrose. You can also get great pet accommodations at the Four Seasons in downtown where your pup will be treated like a prince. These are just a couple of many doggy-friendly hotels. For more ideas, click here.

Patio Hangouts


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If you’re thirsty, and in Texas heat you probably are, then you need a bar patio that has cocktails for you and water bowls for the furball. 

West Alabama Ice House is a place that always comes to mind when we talk pet-friendly. With an almost 1-to-1 ratio or person to pup you and your dog can make new friends and have a cold one. 

Axelrad  is a Midtown neighborhood staple with a great atmosphere for four-legged friends. You can also enjoy a movie night and some pizza! It has everything!

The truth is, Houston loves its animals. Most places can accommodate your canine if you just give them a quick call ahead. Houston is a city that welcomes everyone - even if they are entirely covered in fur and bark.