From Hollywood princess to Princess Leia to alcoholic, Carrie Fisher has experienced it all.

The daughter of Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds grew up in the spotlight and had her breakout role in 1977's Star Wars. But time was not kind to the actress and dependency on booze and drugs, along with episodes of mental illness, took their toll.

All of that and more are discussed in Fisher's one-woman show Wishful Drinking. It's heavy stuff, but Fisher delivers it with humor that has left audiences from Broadway to Los Angeles rolling in the aisles. After a long tour, the show will end in Houston this month with seven shows at the Hobby Center. 

In an interview with OutSmart magazine this month, Fisher covers a range of topics, from presidential politics to her complicated relationship with her mother. She also covers John Travolta (does she really think he's gay?) and her own career.

Writer Blase DiStefano opened the interview with a couple questions about Reynolds:

This is our Mother's Day issue, so I thought I'd start by asking you about your earliest memories of your mother.

When she was dressed up like Debbie Reynolds, she was just like a queen. There was that version, and then there was her in bed and you had to be very quiet because mom was sleeping and she didn't have that much down time. And there was this certain smell of powder and Albolene cream [when she was] putting her makeup on.

How has your relationship with her changed over the years?

It's only gotten better. She just had her birthday [April 1, 2012], so she came up here. It was her 80th birthday.

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