Ken Bridge, the restaurateur responsible for Dragon Bowl Asian Bistro and Pink’s Pizza, has given Houston another hip, casual restaurant with Lola. Bridge’s named the restaurant after his friend’s grandmother, who was a grandmother to him as well. An affectionate Filipino term for a grandmother, the name Lola embodies the warmth that comes with a grandmother’s love and the warmth customers experience with friendly staff and classic diner comfort food.

Sitting in the Heights, Lola is a restaurant that invites their guests to tailor their meal and experience to themselves. The expansive menu offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner items throughout the day, with substitutions only available, especially useful for the vegan or gluten-free diner. Begin your Sunday brunch with an All Day Breakfast item, like their hearty Huevos Rancheros or the Lola favorite of Challah French Toast. Eat like a local by ordering the Chicken and Fruit Waffles, a fresh twist to the sweet and savory classic. Order off the omelet menu for a protein packed punch. Get The So Cal if you want lots of veggies, like sun-dried tomatoes, and portabella mushrooms. Aim for the Ham and 3 Cheeses for the vegetable-averse. If you prefer the lunch part of brunch, pick among their Specialty Sandwiches or Signature Burgers. The Day After Thanksgiving Sandwich is a customer favorite that’s offered any day you want it. If you’re more for dinner for brunch than breakfast for dinner, browse through the Salads, Pastas, or their Scratch Made Entrees, such as the Steak Frite made with choice ribeye. Finish the meal with a piece of Apple Pie of a Chocolate Malt or just chat with friends while sipping on coffee.

Go inside to order, then sit on the patio or indoors. Outside, you can feel the hum of the city around you and enjoy the cool weather while it lasts. Inside, you’ll find yourself surrounded by an eclectic, cheery industrialism. The walls are yellow and lime, and upon looking up, you will find black text across the white ceiling in thick brush strokes, with topics like creativity, gardening, and pasta. Some of it may be hard to make out past the exposed ventilation ducts. Subway tile accents complete the decor, but the atmosphere is further enhanced by the open kitchen with the warm hustle and bustle of cooking and preparing food for a restaurant full of hungry customers. The large windows covering the front of the diner allow for natural light to pour in, perfect for pictures to post online. Expect to wait in line to order; this place is poppin’. The service is quick, as the line clears hastily and tables open up even in the middle of the busy brunch rush. Whatever your reason to come to Lola, be it a morning after experience that requires an elevated greasy spoon, or a spot to share some hot goss’, you’ll find what you need.