Stepping into Common Bond Café & Bakery is like stepping into a pristine yet indulgent dream, surrounded by sights and scents that will practically lift you off of the ground like a cartoon character smelling a pie on a windowsill. This place is a viral Instagram post come to life. Upon opening the door, you are met with specialty coffee complete with fancy latte art, an array of colorful and delicate macarons arranged with an artistic touch, fragrant breakfast notes of cured meats and seasonal fruits, and the unmistakably comforting aroma of fresh-baked bread. Although a truly unique and standout bakery, Common Bond offers so much more than just bread and sweets. 

Long weekend lines are a testament to their high-caliber brunch quality, but don’t let the wait deter you - it can move much quicker than you would think. Let not their small parking lot (shared with their neighbor, awesome local-goods-focused boutique, Space Montrose) discourage you either, for there is a larger second lot a short walk over on Dunlavy, towards Fairview. Their white subway-tiled interior presents a striking contrast with the rich wood of the industrial shelves and raw concrete flooring, the harder elements immediately softened by sunlight trickling in through the soaring two-story windows on all sides. The space itself invokes chic and modern vibes, with a nostalgic sensory experience of a distant past, when everyone bought bread in a bakery, meat from a butcher, and had milk delivered to their doorstep in a glass bottle. Idyllic, to say the least. 

With a dedicated weekend brunch menu that differs from their weekday breakfast menu, Common Bond serves pseudo-French cuisine with a decidedly Southern twist. Brunch staples like French toast with bacon, quiche, and lox tartine are joined by the hedonistic pleasures of dishes like their widely beloved fried chicken and biscuits. Their chef scramble dish changes weekly with a different rotation of seasonal ingredients accompanying otherwise regular breakfast options like eggs and crispy potatoes. Keeping with their distinctly Southern theme is the particularly exceptional tamale benedict, an interesting take on a brunch classic that features ancho pork tamales, fresh avocado, ranchero sauce, and chipotle hollandaise. Most of their eggs are served with a soft yolk, a culinary-special known as the 63° egg. If you haven’t tried this style of egg and are typically averse to a softer yolk, give it a chance. The results are buttery and velvety, an instant upgrade to any meal.

Caffeine fiends will be pleased with their baristas, specialty coffee, and espresso, particularly with the custom Common Bond blend of beans that they receive from local favorite, Katz’s. Their perfectly-roasted brew is delectable enough to drink black with no additions, but the signature Common Bond creativity has the ability to draw the daring out of you with notably UNcommon concoction, the lavender latte. Not too heavy on the floral notes, this silky cup of comfort is like a warm hug from a Disney princess. To get a taste, head over to Common Bond every Saturday or Sunday, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.