Bridget Everett knows how to work a crowd. The bawdy singer/comedienne has earned a strong fan base with her over-the-edge cabaret performances, particularly in New York City where she's a regular on the comedy circuit. Everett is a combo threat, mixing her beautiful singing voice, risque storytelling and downright jaw-dropping comedy for a performance few will forget. Last summer, her first television comedy special, Gynecological Wonder, aired on Comedy Central and she co-starred in Amy Schumer's film Trainwreck.

Everett brings her unique show to Houston in November as the debut performance of Lott Entertainment Presents, a newly formed venture aimed drawing outside-the-box acts to the city. We chatted with her about using her body as a show prop, her friendship with Schumer and more. 

My Gay Houston: Bridget you're already a very well-known entertainer in NYC. But perhaps not as recognized elsewhere around the country. Do you think that's changing after your first Comedy Central special?
Bridget Everett: I think the special was a nice bump. And I've closed down each season of Inside Amy Schumer with a song. I get a lot of great feedback from both of those.

You use a lot of props in your shows, perhaps most notably your breasts. So break that down for us, is it empowering for a woman to use her own body for her performances or do you do it because it's just plain funny?
I do it because it's fun! I love to get to know the audience. I always consider a show like a first date. And what happens on a great first date? You get a little drunk, you laugh a lot and hopefully, you get laid.

That brown bag of chardonnay, how long have you been using that in your act?
I'd say four years. My friend, Champagne Jerry, gave me one for Christmas. It's actually insulated! I have a bunch now. Sometimes i even use it at home.

At 6-foot, you're a rather tall lady. Do you think that intimidates some people in show biz? Are you sometimes able to use your height in your favor?
I think it works to my advantage in a live show. My character on stage is larger than life and is actually physically larger than most people. It's a lot of tit but who doesn't like a little titty?

You had a role in Amy Schumer's runaway success Trainwreck last summer. What was it like working with someone like Schumer and have you guys maintained a relationship?
Amy is one of my closest friends. She is super funny, very generous and a loyal, loving friend. We love to get together and drink chardonnay and cuddle with my dog, poppy.

You sing, you do comedy and based on what I've seen you're not a bad dancer. So what do you consider yourself first and foremost?
I consider myself a singer who happens to be funny. I am not a great dancer but I have a lot of heart and am willing to try just about anything.

You're known for what we'll call "audience engagement", in particular sometimes sitting on the faces of your fans during a show. Sooo, how did that become part of the act?
The audiences I've been performing for in NYC for the last decade have encouraged me and allowed me to go REALLY far. I find it exciting, they don't look away and we all end up leaving happy. It really is something I can't stop when i'm on stage. I love the challenge myself and the audience but i want everyone to leave feeling like they just got a great hug.

You have a pretty strong gay and lesbian following. Why do you think that is?
Maybe because I don't seem to have a lot of boundaries on stage? Maybe it's the tits? Or maybe it's because i really don't give a f**k what anyone thinks of what I'm doing? I don't know why anyone responds to anything, but that's my best guess!

As you tour more, are you worried your style won't be as accepted in some places around the country? Or do your fans typically know what they're getting into?
If I'm play a comedy club for a weekend and someone shows up thinking they're going to see some guy in a hoodie telling d**k jokes, then my show might not be for them. But I am excited by the diversity of people coming to see me maybe having some idea what they're in for. But nobody really does unless they've seen it. And even then, it's different every time. That's how i can do it night after night and still get excited.

Have you performed in Houston before? Do you think this town is ready for Bridget Everett?
I just performed last weekend on the oddball tour. To be honest, houston was one of my favorite crowds. I'd never played there before and felt really welcome. I hope people make it out to my upcoming shows. I will be giving it 150%!

Bridget Everett performs Nov. 4-7 at the new MATCH performing arts space in Midtown. Tickets start at $50.