Who doesn’t love a good theme night? When done right, they can give you a reason to hit the town, even on a school night. We’ve come up with a list of some of the best theme nights our favorite bars have on the calendar. This is far from your typical stand-and-model bar experience.

Tuesday: Steak and Game night at Guava Lamp:  $15 for a steak, salad and potato? Sign us up. Not only do you get to eat some delicious food by Chef Michele Free, from Free Grillin, after your dinner the night is just starting at Guava Lamp. Enjoy playing music trivia and drag bingo, hosted by Lady Shamu, with your friends until the wee-hours of the night. It sounds like a good way to spend a Tuesday.

Tuesday: FD4 Drag Extravaganza at F Bar: Enjoy this award-winning show hosted by Sophia McKintosh every Tuesday at Fbar. Starring Deyjzah Opulent Mirage, Dessie-Love Blake, Ashlei Iman and Pauline Phiffer, this is the perfect show for your RuPaul’s Drag Race withdrawals. Dance to the music of DJ Ukemi at the main stage.

Wednesday: Game Night at Neon Boots: Grab your friends and head over to Neon Boots every Wednesday for their Game Night where you can play poker, blackjack, board games and more. As if that wasn’t enough they also have dinners that they change every week to offer different yummy options and happy hour all day!

Thursday: College Nights at Rich’s: Who says our college days are over? Every Thursday Rich’s hosts College night for all the 18 and up that want to have fun. For a mere $7 cover you can enjoy the music from DJ Ukemi and the Latin Heat on the second-floor video lounge with DJ Pollo and host Leo King.

Thursday: Queeraoke at JR’s: Every Thursday warm up your voice and get ready to sing karaoke at JR’s. If you’re not much of a singer than just enjoy their drink specials and listen to your friends try to belt out a high note like Mariah Carey. Hosted by Nina Lombard.

Sunday: Sunday Night Football at the Eagle: As one of the official NFL Sunday ticket venues, come to the Eagle to enjoy some Sunday night football. You can enjoy the NFL games in all their screens so you won’t miss a single touchdown while enjoying the music courtesy of DJ JD Arnold.