Nouveau Antique Art Bar

2913 Main St. | Houston, TX 77002

An eclectic mix of antique Tiffany lamps greet guests entering Nouveau Antique Art Bar, creating a lasting impression that lingers long after the night ends.

Hundreds of the multi-colored glass lights adorn the space—hanging from the ceilings, shelves and atop tables. One thing is certain; no one can say that Nouveau Antique Art Bar is a run-of-the-mill establishment. Yet—even with the multitude of lamps—the 4,500-square-foot lounge remains dim, offering young professionals and artsy hipsters an undeniably romantic respite in the middle of midtown.

Stop in and snag one of the leather lounge chairs, couches or wooden benches and enjoy well-priced drinks and classic cocktails Monday through Saturday nights. Know before you go: Bring in a ticket stub from a visit to the museum, symphony, theater, opera or ballet and redeem it for a drink on the house.