Teo Chew Temple

(281) 983-0097
10600 Turtlewood Court | Houston, TX 77072

Situated right next to Arthur Storey Park  is the Teo Chew Temple, a Vietnamese Buddhist temple. The temple is somewhat of a hidden gem in Houston’s Chinatown and open to visitors daily. Admission is also free for anyone who wishes to explore the temple. Upon entering the ground, guests are greeted by a statue of Quan Am, the goddess of mercy. There are other deities to pay respect to including Guan Yin, Shakyamuni Buddha, Tien Hou, Lord Guan and more. Further, there is a wishing well that includes the 12 signs of the zodiac where visitors can toss coins in hopes that a prayer will be answered.

The atmosphere is serene and workers at the temple are happy to answer questions guests may have regarding the temple, grounds and theology. There is lot sot see and explore at Teo Chew. However, please note that appropriate clothing is necessary when entering the temple. This means no shorts or tank tops for men and modest dresses or pants for women. 

Hours: Monday to Sunday 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.