Tarka Indian Kitchen - West Houston

(346) 802-2096
10550 Westheimer Rd., Ste. 30 | HoustonHouston, TX 77042
Memorial/Energy Corridor

Kabobs, curries and more. That sizzling sound and spicy aroma, the explosion of the senses when spices meet a hot pan… that’s Tarka. Tarka Indian Kitchen is a fast and affordable Indian food based restaurant which started in 2009 and has now expanded to west Houston.

Tarka Indian Kitchen is here to satisfy customers whether that be an evening of dining, or a quick take out run. Their extensive and mouthwatering menu, recreated numerous times to make it best for guests, offers a variety of selections from chicken Pakoras on the kids menu to Tikka Masala and Samosa Chaat. There is something for everyone, including an impressive list of vegan and gluten free options. They bake fresh flatbreads and biryanis, all with sides and refreshing drinks like mango lemonade or fresh fruit lassis made with whipped yogurt.

Tarka Indian Kitchen is devoted to helping the environment by providing environmentally friendly to-go packaging, composting their food waste, and recycling used cooking oils, glass, aluminum, plastic and cardboard. Their bright walls and friendly customer service invites all to experience the delicious Indian cuisine.