SweetCup Gelato

3939 Montrose Boulevard, Suite L | Houston, TX 77006

Montrose has the scoop with SweetCup Gelato & Sorbet Originale, a scoop shop serving frozen treats made with local ingredients and flavors galore.

The shop whips up handmade gelato, sorbets, and yogurts from scratch, made fresh on-site. Flavors are always in flux, but the shop offers more than 200 daily that include eccentric flavors like rose milk, peppermint straciatella and panna cotta-meyer lemon curd. SweetCup also offers sorbet and gelato pies in an array of flavors and sells their scoops in multiple Whole Foods stores across Texas. T

he sweet shop with a modern take on the classic ice cream shoppe look has limited seating, so stop in to cool off on the go or when you don’t mind standing for dessert.

  • Curbside Pickup
  • Se Recoge en la Puerta