South Beach

810 Pacific | Houston, TX 77006

Scenesters flock to Montrose’s South Beach club for wild, dance-filled nights and potent drinks. The 10,000-square-foot spot—owned by veteran developer Charles Armstong—is known for its sexy staff, state-of-the-art laser light system, high-energy music and spacious dance floor, featuring a liquid nitrogen cooling system.

Inside, a smaller lounge-like room with a bar and video monitors, welcome South Beach’s diverse mix of guests and provides a quieter, more subdued escape from the party. In the main room, scantily clad go-go dancers add sex appeal and two well-stocked bars keep the libations flowing, as the crowd packs onto the multi-level dance floor.

The spot is open until 2 am Thursday and Friday and 4 am on Saturdays, closed Sunday through Wednesday.