RICH'S Houston

(346) 227-8613
202 Tuam Street | Houston, TX 77006

Rich’s Houston began its new life after a soft opening on October 27, 2023. Rich’s has been a staple in the Houston club scene since it was birthed in the early 1980s. The two-story mega dance club in Downtown became known as the “Studio 54 of the South,” guaranteeing bumpin’ beats, great drinks, and a massive dancefloor that could fit hundreds.

In 2019, it moved to 202 Tuam Str. in Montrose and changed its name to ReBar. Soon, ReBar was nixed, and Jeff Harmon, the owner, returned the iconic name of Rich’s Houston. The 202 Tuam got a facelift, both inside and out, and Jeff elevated the bar experience and filled a niche environment that he felt was missing. With a more modern and floral aesthetic (reminiscent of Blanche Devereaux's boudoir), not only does the space look different with a smaller dancefloor and custom-made white lounge chairs, but Rich's also incorporates aspects that not many nightlife spaces have: gourmet food and a chill pool.

In addition to those new amenities, Rich’s is still offering high-octane events and entertainment like it did before, including DJs spinning music you cannot hear anywhere else, drag shows and more. Its owner puts it simple: "ReBar evolved into Rich's Houston, a vibe restaurant, lounge & boutique day/night life experience."