2006 Peden St. | Houston, TX 77019

The infamous make out bar is back. Marked only by a bright blue door, Marfreless has been a favorite for lounge lovers since 1972. But with new management and a total renovation, it’s likely long time fans won’t recognize anything but the name. From decor to dress code, the dingy interior of yore has been replaced with rich earth tones, black and white photographs of local landmarks and leather sofas. Among the changes include a unisex bathroom, an enforced dress code, valet service and a heftier price tag on the menu.

Downstairs, martini-sipping 30-somethings can enjoy ample seating at the large bar. If there’s a long line, don’t fret. There are plans to bring in a machine that offers self-serve top-shelf wines by the glass. Upstairs a touch of the past is intact with cozy couches and dim lighting for couples to escape. There are even curtains that can be drawn back for a little extra privacy.

But despite all the change, one thing remains the same - the name, the bright blue door and plenty of martinis in seclusion.