Mai's Baguettes

10613 Bellaire | A-125 | Houston, TX 77072
For many people, the idea of a sandwich on a light, crispy baguette may suggest “French Cafe”. The diverse community of Houston knows better, and Mai’s Baguettes is the perfect example. Most of us would agree that there’s no greater fate for this delightful roll than an out-of-this-world, Vietnamese bahn mi! Mai’s takes this savory snack to new heights.

From the bread to the mayo, pâté to marinated meats, every last bit of their sandwiches are prepared from scratch, by hand, from carefully selected ingredients. Owner, Truong Le, believes that stellar bahn mi is a labor of love, and strives to ensure that each and every one is as delicious and well-prepared as the ones his family have enjoyed for generations.

The usual fillers are all on deck at Mai’s - grilled pork, shredded chicken, ham and the like. However, Le has also included more ambitious options that require extra flair and preparation, such as the stuffed chicken and braised pork belly. Because nothing pairs so well with bahn mi as warm, Vietnamese soup, these are also available to round out the menu. To complete the meal, try a unique twist on Viet coffee, in a surprisingly fantastic mint mojito.

Mai’s Baguettes is at 10613 Bellaire Boulevard in Saigon Plaza and is open daily from 8am to 6pm.