Korea House

(713) 465-6400
10078 Long Point Road | Houston, TX 77055
Memorial/Energy Corridor

Grab a group of hungry friends, and head to Korea House in the Spring Branch neighborhood for some of Houston’s best Korean BBQ. Located in the El Ahorro shopping center, Korea House stands out with it’s rustic wood siding and brightly lit sign. Inside, the dimly lit interior is accented with warm, wood finishings, Korean art, and large Kimchi urns.

Choose your all-you-can-eat menu, and get ready for a flood of plates to take over your table. Soon you’ll be surrounded with banchan, the side dishes which complement the savory meat with fermented, tangy, or salty flavors. 

Wrap the meat and your choice of banchan in a thin slice of radish (taco-style) or simply eat however you see fit; there’s no wrong way.