Jones Hall

(832) 487-7050
615 Louisiana St. | Houston, TX 77002

Dominating an entire city block, Jones Hall is stunning with its curving travertine marble facade, an exterior rectangle of eight-story columns, and a brilliantly lit grand entrance. Since the opening of Jones Hall in 1966, millions of arts patrons have enjoyed countless stage and musical performances at the venue, in addition to elegant special events.

Brilliant planning by the building architects offers unparalleled versatility, enabling Jones Hall to accommodate several art forms. The ambience of the hall is enhanced with its vibrant red velvet seating, golden teak walls and a sweeping loge that seems to reach for the stage.

Upon entering the building, visitors will notice the "Gemini II" sculpture hovering just below the lobby ceiling. Commissioned by the Houston Endowment, Gemini II resembles shooting stars as it pays homage to the hall's performers and acknowledges Houston's role in space exploration.

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  • March 28, 2025
    615 Louisiana St. | Houston, TX 77002
    Andreas Kern vs. Paul CibisTwo pianists. Six rounds. Who will win? You decide! The brainchild of internationally acclaimed pianists Andreas...