Fung's Kitchen

7320 Southwest Fwy, Ste. 115 | Houston, TX 77074

Located in an Asian-designed building near a busy Sharpstown intersection, Fung's Kitchen has a spacious main dining space surrounded by several private rooms. Dim sum is served every day in a cavernous hall in the back. Six aquariums near the entrance showcase various types of live seafood that the restaurant serves. Large tables have rotating centers, making it easy to share dishes and sauces.

Hoi Fung and his family of chefs specialize in live seafood and gussied-up mainstream choices like signature sizzling peppered beef. Prime your palate with bacon-wrapped shrimp rolls, flash-fried anchovies or steamed dumplings. Lightly battered, fried whole fish or the crispy potato bird's nest cradling fresh sea treasures are a must. Order what's in the aquarium, and you may be blessed with steamed oysters on the half-shell, seasonal Dungeness crab or green mussels in bracing sate sauce. For dessert, try the refreshing mango ice cream.

Fung's Kitchen can also accommodate up to 350 guests, with 5 private rooms ranging from 20 guests to 70 guests with decor mixing of new modern look and ancient Chinese style. The environment is great for business meetings or private functions.

  • Listed in USA Today as one of 10 great places to welcome prosperity for the Chinese New Year (2009).