Belle Station

(346) 204-4792
207 Gray St. | Houston, TX 77002

Midtown’s bustling West Gray area, between Bagby and Wilson Streets, welcomed Belle Station to the neighborhood in late 2016. The restaurant and bar features a breezy patio and open concept interior that draws locals with good food and plenty of southern charm.

Venture past the expansive front patio, where a couple of oversized TVs offer sports appeal, to Belle’s eclectic interior which offers seating, bottle service and dance floor space. On the menu, the fried green tomatoes, wings and croquettes are popular sharable options, while hearty chicken fried chicken, gumbo, burgers and steaks round out Belle Station’s other entrees.

The spot is open daily. Stop by for dinner, Monday through Thursday, as well as brunch, lunch or dinner, Friday through Sunday.