2404 San Jacinto | Houston, TX 77002

Since it opened in Austin in 2009, Barbarella has become one of the hottest clubs in the Capital City—a place to dance all night and mingle with friends and strangers. The unique video bar expanded into Midtown Houston in fall 2013, drawing crowds to its large space on San Jacinto. 

What makes Barbarella so special is its devotion to the music. Owned and operated by two DJs with decades of experience, Barbarella respects quality music—you won’t find any unnecessary scratching or mixing here. Nor will you find top 40 or traditional techno. The focus is on Indie music, both vintage and new.

Barbarella hosts weekly theme nights, from Thursdays: Grits n’ Gravy featuring soul and Motown to New Noise Fridays for the hipster in all of us. While not necessarily a gay bar, Barbarella prides itself on being an open and inviting environment, a place where you’ll find business types and drag queens, hipsters and lesbians.