(713) 750-9433
1201 Saint Emanuel | Houston, TX 77003
EaDo/East End
Who wants a jumbo slice of pizza? Introducing, Vinny's. Located in the heart of EaDo next to Indianola and Miss Carousel, Vinny’s offers big rectangular pizzas and large slices in gourmet fashion.  
Coming from the owners of Coltivare and Eight Row Flint, guests should expect nothing less than yummy from Vinny's pizzas. With hefty, crispy and fluffy crusts, thick and juicy pepperonis and other meats, lightly charred cheese, Vinny's good balance of ingredients and carefully curated toppings are mouth-watering. Each massive pie weighs over 50 ounces, and can be ordered whole or by the slice. Made daily at the restaurant, every pie will be topped with Wisconsin brick cheese. Plus, for all those pepperoni fans, the pepperoni is thicker and juicier than standard pizza-place items. Salads and sandwiches are also part of the menu along with a list of drinkable wines and “guilty pleasure” desserts from Agricole pastry chef. 
Named after Agricole culinary director Vincent Huynh, the cozy, in and out pizzeria is pretty late, for all those after-hours eaters. Vinny's is open Sunday to Thursday from 11 a.m. to midnight and from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.