Pepper Twins - Montrose

(832) 649-7175
315 Fairview St. | Houston, TX 77006

Good things come in small packages, at least at Montrose’s Cooking Girl. The authentic Chinese concept is set in a small space that feels as though it’s taken straight from Chinatown. There, a packed house digs into a diverse mix of Sichuan dishes that helped land the restaurant on New York Post’s list of the 17 best Chinese restaurants in America.  

Make reservations to avoid a two-hour wait and BYOB before settling in at one of the linen-topped tables. There, guests can explore the dual-sided menu, which unfolds with a Sichuan side and an American-Chinese side, helping newcomers easily navigate Cooking Girl’s offerings without being overwhelmed. Need help deciding? The spicy Diving Fish is a must, along with the green beans and soft bacon. If you want more from the Cooking Girl team, visit the restaurant’s more upscale concept, Pepper Twins.

Cooking Girl is open for lunch and dinner, Tuesday through Sunday.