Ohn Korean Eatery

9630 Clarewood Drive Suite A-16 | Houston, TX 77036

Step into the streets of Seoul without the long flight. Ohn Korean Eatery, Mike Tran’s latest of many Chinatown hotspots (like Tiger Den, Night + Market and Mein Chinese Restaurant), offers Korean bar food and soju cocktails perfect for a night out with friends.

Step into Ohn and transport yourself to a cool, urban eatery lined with dark wooden booths, concrete floors and multicolored neon signs shining messages like “Enjoy Life, Drink Soju”.

Wonder what Korean bar food looks like? Think noodle soups, fried chicken wings with garlic soy, cheese rice cakes or a Seoul brisket plate with sides.  Wash it down with a Korean beer or soju cocktail, or for a special treat, enjoy the only spot in town pouring unfiltered rice wine known as makgeolli served in traditional Korean brass makgeolli pots.

Ohn Korean Eatery is open late, from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.