Harry's Restaurant Cafe

(713) 528-0198
318 Tuam | Houston, TX 77006

Open since 1948, Harry’s Restaurant Café has been the pride of Johnny Platsa and his wife Patricia since they took it over nearly 20 years ago. They not only moved it to its current location in Midtown but also extended the menu to match their respective Greek and Ecuadorian heritage. Today, Mediterranean and Latin influences run like a thread through the otherwise traditional American selection.

The lunch menu changes daily and dishes like feta fries, Greek omelet, and chicken enchiladas live up to Harry’s slogan “The Globe on Your Fork.” In addition, every Sunday, meals from the distinct culinary regions of Greece are featured, introducing diners to a variety of Hellenic flavors.

Known for its extensive breakfast and brunch choices, Harry’s regularly draws crowds and the large interior can be quite lively. Adding to this dynamic atmosphere is the cafeteria-style lunch counter. The elegant, yet casual, décor reflects the menu’s cultural blend, showcasing photographs of Houston as well as Greece.

Harry’s Restaurant Café is open daily for breakfast and lunch.