(832) 542-3528
5 Greenway Plaza | Houston, TX 77046
Upper Kirby/Greenway Plaza

Burger-chan is out to prove that food court food can be high-quality, inventive, and delicious. Husband-and-wife team Diane and Willet Feng launched their inspired burger joint in Greenway Plaza. Don't be deceived by the casual setting, it's Willet's fine dining pedigree, including a stint at Oxheart, that makes each burger a stroke of genius.

Hand-formed burger patties are sourced locally from 44 Farms, and packed with house-made sauces, fresh ingredients, and unique toppings. What's so unique? Specialty sauces like sambal mayo and scallion aioli; kimchi relish, charred jalapenos, and sides like taro root chips and hand-spun milk shakes. Diners have the option of combining different buns, cheese and topping to create their own masterpeice.