Photo by Frank Xavier @the_creativex

My Gay Houston is proud to welcome drag superstar Queen Angelina to the family. Mainly in charge of social media, this dancing queen can be seen all around Houston strutting her stuff and showing the community a good time. Not only does she lipsync, Queen Angelina is also a host, dancer, singer and mainly a pillar of the community, advocating for equal rights and more drag representation in Houston. Her electrifying performances offer a little bit of everything so no one leaves not having a good time. We sat down with her to discuss how she came into the drag scene, her favorite things about Houston, and how she is bringing drag and LGBTQ+ exposure to the city.

Describe your beginnings in the drag community.

My family came to America when I was five in search of the “American Dream.” We actually came as a band, and I always compare it to Selena’s family, but my sister would be Selena, and I am her little brother. I have played the violin since I was ten, and I try to incorporate that in my acts and of course, musical theater was always a big part of me wanting to perform and was my entrance into the Queer community. 

What made you decide to go the route of drag instead of just musical theater?

Drag incorporates everything: make-up, costumes, performing, talking to people and there is an activism part of it to me. I love doing events for The Montrose Center, OLTT (Oganizacion Latina Trans in Texas), The Mahogany Project and Discovery Green. 

How would you describe your drag style?

I used to be known by a longer name, but I shortened it to just Queen Angelina because I am Angelina and I am a Queen. My Instagram is @IamQueenAngelina and it is a play on Beyonce’s “I am Sasha Fierce.” and Mariah Carey’s  “Me. I am Mariah… The elusive Chanteuse.

I would say my style is very versatile. I am a violinist, I host, I sing, I dance and I do drag at Burlesque shows, they are more sensual. I am a little bit of everything. 

What is your favorite part of performing in drag?

I enjoy the comedy aspect and keeping people on their toes. I like to shock people with jumping on tables and have them keep thinking, “Is she gonna jump from there?” And yes, I will. 

What genre of songs do you gravitate toward?

When I do burlesque, I go for more sensual songs. But when I do karaoke at JR’s on Sundays, I do a lot of Selena and have been closing with Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” because the progression of the song shows how everything is a journey.

Additionally, I do celebrity impersonations as well and usually Ariana Grande, Selena, Lady Gaga, Celine Dion or Amy Winehouse. I like to show a funnier side as well like doing impersonations of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Kim Possible, or Bad Bhabie of the “Catch me outside” fame.In my setlists, I try to always have one sexy song, one fun song and one impersonation song. And any excuse for me to get wet and whip my hair, I will take it.

How would you describe the Houston drag scene?

Definitely very versatile. I think we have the most diverse drag community in the U.S. There is a little bit of everything: comedy queens, glamorous queens, creative queens – we have it all. 

Where do you think people can go to see the best Houston drag has to offer?

South Beach is a great venue for drag with a large group of people and has a good amateur drag night on Thursdays to go see upcoming talent. But smaller spaces like JR’s and Michael’s Outpost are great for a more personal experience. It all depends on what you are looking for but no matter what, you will for sure be entertained. 

Finally, how do you see your drag evolving in the future?

I am trying to expand my audience and bring drag to the community in new ways. I want to go to events and give drag on a social level and not just on a performance level.