We all know the drill. A vacation tends to usually be more than just a vacation from work or stress; it is also a vacation from our diet and workout routine. And with all the amazing food Houston has to offer, fitting in just one workout will definitely be worth it. 

Luckily, Houston has a wide variety of creative approaches to fitness and here is your guide to the most interesting ways to burn off all those BBQ calories in the Bayou City. 

Where: 2549 Kirby 

FINALLY! The ultra popular spinning classes are cycling their way into Houston later this month. SoulCycle offers high-intensity cycling while offering positive affirmations meant to strengthen your muscles and soul. And men, don’t just think this is for the Lululemon-clad housewives, you too will be sweating up a storm after the 45-minute class. 

OrangeTheory Fitness
Where: Various Locations

Fitness meets science at these new concept fitness studios. Designed to push you to the zone that creates "Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption,” these workouts are meant to have you burn calories even after you finish. Just perfect for justifying that extra drink at night, you’re still burning calories!

Aerial Yoga Houston
Where: Various Locations

Think yoga meets that sling you were in last Pride.  Yoga poses are combined with a hammock hanging from the ceiling to give a full-body workout. 

Where: Various Locations

To some it is a lifestyle; to others it is a cult. Whichever way you view Crossfit, there is no denying the results. So if you have drank the Kool-Aid, find a location and keep working on your fitness. 

Row Studios 
Where: 5570 Weslayan

If rowing is your poison of choice and for some reason the weather doesn’t allow you to row done Buffalo Bayou and enjoy the views, try this.  This isn’t your normal rowing class, you will be jumping on and off the machine. Or try their RowGa class which mixes rowing and yoga.

The Houstonian Hotel
Where: 111 N Post Oak Ln

This state-of-the-art gym ranks among the nations best on many of top 10 lists. You may have to dip into your monthly taco budget to pay for the pricey membership though. 

Where: Everywhere (kinda)

Let’s be real, we have all heard the best cardio is sex. Well maybe not the “best” but it is more fun than being on a treadmill that is for sure. See our list of Houston bars and find a workout buddy for the night. Or two or three or four… who are we to judge?

Any way you plan to stay in your workout groove, you’re body will thank you after you’ve returned home. After all, it is bathing suit season.